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Sales skills and speech skills of dicing machine industry

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Dicing machine sales skills 1: hard work

According to the art of war, we should not fight unprepared battles. As for sales, the same is true. Many new salesmen usually have a misunderstanding that sales is to be eloquent. In fact, it's not the same thing at all. I remember that at that time, we trained for nearly a month, from product knowledge to fault analysis, from enterprise history to sales skills, and practiced every link repeatedly until we knew it backwards. At that time, our colleagues often joked with each other that we had become robots. I remember that at that time, in order to debug the best music effect, once there was no customer present, I concentrated on the trial and error of key by key, which lasted for nearly a week, and finally got my own satisfactory effect.

Every time it's my turn to have a rest, I always like to go to various stores: first, I'll investigate the market and know what I know. Today's customers always like to cheat promoters, where there is how cheap, where there is how much discount, if you can't clearly understand these situations, you will be very passive in the face of customers. Second, you can learn the skills of other salesmen. Only by absorbing the advantages of different companies, can you make yourself invincible!

Dicing machine sales skills 2: pay attention to details

Now there are many books about sales promotion skills, which basically talk about the initiative and enthusiasm of sales promoters. But in reality, many salesmen can't understand the essence of it. They think that enthusiasm is to smile and speak actively. In fact, it's also wrong to have a degree in everything. Excessive enthusiasm will have a negative impact.

If you want to be an excellent dicing machine industry salesman, it is essential to master some marketing skills. What are the effective and practical marketing skills

Enthusiasm is not simply expressed through external expression, the key is to work hard. The so-called sincere, gold and stone for open! With the wind into the night, moisten things silently, the real sincerity is to think of customers, with the enterprise's products to meet their needs, so that they get benefits.

Dicing machine sales skills 3

Sales is a process of integrating resources. How to make rational use of all kinds of resources can help sales performance. As a sales promoter standing in the front line of sales, this is equally important.

We often encounter swindlers in the street to commit fraud. Generally speaking, there is a role in it, which is commonly known as Tuo. His important role is to set off the atmosphere. Of course, we can't do illegal things, but can we get some inspiration from it? When I was a salesman, I often used a very effective method, that is to play the oboe with my colleagues. Especially for customers who are very interested in buying, when we are stuck in price or other issues, I often ask the shopkeeper to help. First, it shows that we really attach great importance to him, and the leaders have come forward. Second, it's more convenient to negotiate. As long as the leader gives him a little more benefit, the customers will generally pay the bill. It's not easy to try again and again! Of course, if the leader is not here, anyone can play a guest role in the leader temporarily. The key is to satisfy customers' vanity and the bad habit of being greedy.

Dicing machine sales skills four: see good to close

The biggest fear of sales is procrastination, not the opportunity to make a decision. According to my experience, the best time for customers to stay at the sales scene is 5-7 minutes! Some promoters are not good at observing words and expressions, and they can't seize the opportunity to promote sales when customers have the intention to buy, and they are still talking about products, which leads to the failure of sales. Therefore, we must bear in mind that our mission is to promote sales! Whether you are introducing products or doing anything else, you will ultimately sell products. Therefore, as long as we reach the edge of sales, we must immediately adjust our thinking, brake urgently and try to make a contract. Once a good opportunity is missed, it will be more difficult to hook up customers' desire again, which is also the most common mistake for new salesmen.

Dicing machine sales skills 5: send you a way

There is a saying in sales that the cost of developing a new customer is 27 times that of maintaining an old customer. You know, the business brought by an old customer is much more than you think. When I was a sales promoter, I paid great attention to maintaining good relations with customers who had already made deals, which also brought me rich returns. In fact, it's very simple to do. As long as you help him pack his bags carefully and take a sincere farewell, if not very busy, you can even take him to the elevator. Sometimes, some trivial actions will make customers moved!

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