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Wafer cutting wechat marketing

Release time:2021-01-28 14:10:52 viewed: The publisher:admin

For wafer cutting wechat marketing, we are very optimistic, and know that we must cut into wechat. We all have a concept about how to carry out it, but how to plan the activities? What's the best way? How to measure the effect? Are all the fans you bring fake fans? How to consider ROI? Next, I will introduce some cases, from which we can get a summary answer.

Recently, we have done some practical wechat marketing cases. One of them is the wechat marketing promotion for a Taobao seller Shuang 12. The seller has no wechat fans and needs to use other large-scale promotion. The day before yesterday, we selected 10 grassroots large-scale wechat public platform which is more consistent with the seller's products. The theme of the activity is that the products of Shuang 12 wechat users are free until they are finished. After users click on the special topic, they jump to the WAP purchase page of Taobao sellers. On that day, a total of 1 million wechat users were covered, with 40000 clicks and 500 orders.

The specific click rate is related to the content of the activity, ranging from 3% to 15%. The following is the click rate of a tourism grassroots brand we operate.

Editor's summary: it can be said that wechat's media attribute is still very strong, and users still have the habit of participating in activities and viewing content. Wechat, as a means of communication for businesses, can achieve this effect has been very good. For businesses' brands and sales, no matter microblog or wechat or traditional media marketing activities, are just a booster, don't put it in the market He's his own Noah's ark, a panacea. Only the overall multi-channel overall marketing promotion, can really achieve the goal they want.

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